Mini documentary directed by awarded director James Webber and Springhead Films.
October 2023

Duo installation "Everything Begins Within"

Synergism - Laura Grinberga + Poppy Lennox Everything Begins Within.pdf

Mixed media, tulle fabric, spray paint, fishing wire and embroidered thread 150 cm diameter, 160 cm height

Laura Grinberga + Poppy Lennox

Everything Begins Within, a collaborative art installation by Laura Grinberga and Poppy Lennox invites the viewer to contemplate the profound interconnectedness that binds all things.

The ethereal installation of suspended fabric mimics the very fabric of the universe itself, mirroring the accumulation of gas and dust of distant nebulas. The fabric amasses, spirals, and converges to a central nucleus and epicentre with each fold embodying the potential of life’s beginnings.

The artwork is a symphony of stillness and turbulence, fragility and magnitude, ethereality and density. The tulle fabric, diaphanous and delicate, underscores the fleeting and transient nature of existence, while also representing the vast expanse of the cosmos. In this interplay of contrasting elements, a poignant reflection on the inherent duality of life and the universe unfolds.

September 2023

L’eterea installazione di tessuto sospeso rappresenta l’universo stesso fatto dall’accumulo di gas e polvere di nebulose lontane. Il tessuto si riempie, si avvolge a spirale e converge in a nucleo centrale ed epicentro, con ciascuna piega, che incarna il potenziale degli inizi della vita.
L’opera d’arte è una sinfonia di quiete e turbolenza, fragilità e grandezza, etereità e densità.September 2023

The Lab at Oaklands Rise Exhibition 

Confluence: Art from Oaklands Rise

Everything is Out There You Just Need to See it (2022-2023)

Everything is Out There You Just Need to See it (2022 - 2023) presents Grinberga’s experience of the world at a turning point in her life when she moved to the UK from Italy. Throughout this immense shift in her life she sought release by working intuitively. Driven by a feeling and an urge rather than rationality, Grinberga created a piece which explores the familiar process of finding a path in one's life through difficulty. Beginning as a typographic work, Grinberga started by writing words and sketching icons of personal significance on the large canvas. Phrases in Latvian, Italian, and English reflect her time in these countries; musical notes arc back to her time at music school, and other elements such as the molecular symbol for serotonin, social media icons, lists of daily tasks, and recollections of people in her life are found within the layers upon the canvas. Washed over with a blue paint, the overall piece evokes moving clouds against a blue sky. For Grinberga, the sky becomes a central metaphor for life itself, representing an entertaining show of constantly shifting scenes for humans to find, see and experience.

Grinberga's work must be analyzed through the spectator's own experiences, life views, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. For her, the physical painting is just a small part of the art, the rest you have to uncover through introspection - to connect the not-yet connected.
Text by: Sophie Howie, The Lab by Bow Arts

September 2023

Press release September 2023



This exhibition celebrates the emerging and dynamic community of artists in our vicinity, offering a spotlight on the potential that arises when these creative minds fuse their unique talents.

10 resident artists were paired to co-create pieces that bridge their individual specialties, resulting in 5 artworks that are both unique and unified in their message.

In addition to viewing the works on display, visitors will also have the chance to actively contribute to an evolving central communal piece, allowing attendees to be part of the creative process and witness the evolution of art in real-time.

Synergism is not just a display, but a living testament to the power of combined creativity and collaboration.

Participating Artists:

Lusine Bonfield, Poppy Lennox, Victoria Noakes, James Webber, Shanayah Dadral, Laura Grinberga, Georgie Beattie, Fernando M. Romero, Raymond Kwok, Victor Pedrosa
September 2023


Group show press release and catalogue press here September 2023

Guest interview at "Is this IT?" podcast

Laura Grinberga speaks on her journey of becoming an artist, creativity cultivation,  stereotypes of a modelling career, dating in Italy vs UK, what makes UK a great place to live in and shares her biggest life lessons, purpose and recipe for happiness. To listen the episode, press hereJanuary 2023

Mini Frieze at Buckingham & Lloyds

Here at Buckingham & Lloyds we have our own mini Art Frieze, exhibiting the work of local artist Laura Grinberga in our building at 6 Hyde Park Gate. Laura was born in Sigulda, and grew up in Jelgava, Latvia. Laura’s paintings are an abstract representation of all things in life, they are a visual game for the spectator to connect the dots of their life.  Read full article hereOctober 2022

Video interview with Marco de Crescenzo for Hestetika mag (in Italian)


17 Marlow Workshops

Arnold Circus, Shoreditch,
London E2 7JN
Public opening hours
Friday, 22nd Oct: 5.00pm - 9.00pm Saturday, 23th Oct: 10.00am - 9.00pm Sunday, 24th Oct: 10.00am - 9.00pm

Critic review

Pop-Up Painting in the West End

On Saturday 28th August will be held in London a special event titled Pop-Up Painting in the West End, produced by Mayfair Art Weekend, as part of Inside Out festival, that will allow visitors and art enthusiasts from all over the world to observe artists and their creative process up close.

As a true collective artistic performance, which refers somehow to the first Fluxus experiences of the Sixties of the Twentieth Century, the event branches out in various places of the West End: Grosvenor Square, Berkeley Square, Mount Street Gardens, Golden Square, Pearson Square (Fitzrovia Chapel) and New Bond Street. In fact, the public will have the precious opportunity to actively interact with the artists, therefore to confront themselves with real professional artists, as they will be provided with the material to paint and draw en plein air, between the easels and the beautiful squares of the West End.

This event will also see the participation, among the various artists invited, of Laura Grinberga who currently represents, without doubt, one of the most original, talented and promising woman artists in the field of contemporary art. Laura will be demonstrating her signature spray painting technique, which involves positioning the canvas on the floor (or at least horizontally), letting the spray paint pour vertically onto it with great care and precision, progressively defining dots of various sizes.

The fluorescent sprays, being luminous and playful, express the joy and celebration of self-discovery. Laura, in fact, transcends the manual gesture of the technique and reaches a higher meaning, where the drop falling on the canvas creates its own unique and distinct form, in the same way that, according to the significant words of the artist herself, God creates human beings by placing them in front of the choices of life, thus establishing a deep correlation with it.

It will be possible to attend her demonstration at Berkeley Square, at 1pm and 3pm.

Laura's works are the result of a long and patient study that began in 2009, the year in which she officially consolidated her artistic language, combining elements of abstract pointillism, minimalism and art informel as well, experimenting with the acrylic painting technique, with gold and silver leaf, with pigments and also making works on porcelain and ceramics.

What distinguishes Laura from other artists is her constant research for the hidden, and often elusive, transcendental and metaphysical aspects of life, which feeds her desire to overcome the limits of the “earthly dimension”, offering the viewer a key to understanding the “Whole” through the representation of the interconnection of dots, people, energies (positive and negative), time and space, in a flow of perennial continuity and in the pluralistic tangible forms that Nature offers human beings since the beginning of time.

Giovanni Arsenio, Art Historian and Ph.D. at Università per Stranieri di Siena

Critic text for Laura Grinberga

Pop-Up Painting in the West End, Saturday 28th August 2021, 11am - 4pm, London.