Meditations, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

183 x 204 cm

Everything is out there you just need to see it, 2022 - 2023

Acrylic, oil pastels, collage, markers on canvas

183 x 215 cm

Merkaba, 2022

Acrylic on paper

225 x 150 cm

Riddle  2018

Acrylic on plexiglass 62x34 cm

I created this artwork from the need of light and transparency. I wanted to create a synergy between the space it would be in and the artwork. The transparent space left around the artwork makes it a natural frame, as it takes the color of the background be it a white wall like in the photo or a darker background. 

Faccombe, 2022

Spray paint on plexiglass

100 x 140 cm


Everything Begins Within, 2023

Laura Grinberga, Poppy Lennox

10 m spray painted tulle, embroidered thread, fishing wire

150 cm diameter, 160 cm height

Bottom: Paper, spray paint 150 x 300 cm

Installation for London Design Festival 2023

Gorst studios Foyer

Series Suites, 2019

Spray paint on paper

100 x 70 cm


Essentialism 2016

Acrylic on canvas 120x100 cm

In the Forest I go.. 2016

Acrylic gold foil on canvas 120x100 cm

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