Summertime  2018

Spray on glass 20x20 cm 

Summertime artworks, created on glass and larger works on plexiglass
represent a joy of self re-discovery. The cycle starting from birth, soaking the information and learning of good and bad, gaining experience during adult life, creating barriers and walls for self protection and, finally, forgiveness, relief and disruption of these walls, and acceptance of the truth, self and purity, concluding the cycle. 
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This artwork is a bloom of Summer, of joy and celebration. It expresses self discovery, continuous awareness and setting boundaries from external factors. It keeps the fire within. Held in a private collection in Milan.


All the rivers flow into the sea

As the title says, we are all unique but we are all one. Held in a private collection in Miami.

Riddle  2018

Acrylic on plexiglass 62x34 cm

I created this artwork from the need of light and transparency. I wanted to create a synergy between the space it would be in and the artwork. The transparent space left around the artwork makes it a natural frame, as it takes the color of the background be it a white wall like in the photo or a darker background. 

 Riddle II 2018

Spray on plexiglass 62x34 cm

Lightness and playful mood like Mozarts Turkish

Riddle III 2018

Spray on plexiglass 62x34 cm 

This is the last and third work of three same size, different structure and density works called Riddle. The color covers the surface completely, yet allows the background to incluence its shade from ligher to darker. All of the three works have their transparent framelike space around them.  All of them can be combined together side by side or one on the other with the Riddle III as last background.


Essentialism 2016

Acrylic on canvas 120x100 cm

I have created this artwork inspired by the depth and clarity of silence. 

In the Forest I go.. 2016

Acrylic gold foil on canvas 120x100 cm

Immersing myself into the infinite beauty of nature,
wilderness,structure of bark and scent of moss and then zooming out to the trees which become blurred on the canvas. 

Transience  2016

Acrylic gold foil on canvas 30x30 cm

Wisdom through patience, observance through silence, madness through pain, sorrow through loss, joy through simple things. Nothing is permanent and everything is transient. 

Autumn in Milan III  2016

Acrylic gold foil on canvas 30x30 cm

Autumn in Milan is particularly  sunny. The days are bright and shiny but the evenings start to get cooler. Nature gives it's bounty to her harvesters , grapes ripening for wine and proseccoes, porcini and truffles found in rich soil, while everyday the city receives  fashionistas from all around the world. Bars and restaurants are bustling throughout the day. Autumn brings people back to the City, schools open, galleries open, people flow to Milan like a river to the sea.     

Black series II  2015

Acrylic gold foil on canvas 30x30 cm


The Essence of union between black and gold.

Oman 2017

Acrylic gold foil on canvas

10 x 10 cm

All three artworks have been inspired and realized on location in Oman, the land of sun and
francinscence. The artwork was created in Muscat, capital of Oman.

Jebel Akhdar Oman 2017

Acrylic gold pigment on canvas

15.5 x 15.5 cm

Have you ever set  foot on a mountain range called Green Mountain? This artwork encompasses the massive upland of mostly rugged terrain with just a few hearty bushes and trees.

Wadi Bani Khalid Oman 2017

Acrylic gold foil on canvas

15.5 x 15,5 cm

On the way to Jebel Akhdar you can find a stunning desert oasis Wadi Bani Khalid surrounded by a rugged ravine and vibrant date palms.

Magic carpet 2019

Acrylic spray on canvas 300x220 cm

This is the largest ever body of work I have made so far. It is created with a vision to immerse you in the magic of the piece. The colorful, bright, joyful and uneven s
tructure moves with you as you move. The artwork doesn't have any support, so it hangs along the wall naturally creating waves.

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