Laura was born in Sigulda, and grew up in Jelgava, Latvia, to her mother, a professional painter and tutor of painting, drawing and scetching and her father - a technician at the theatre in Riga. The artistic flame hails back to her grandmother on her mother's side; an amateur sculptor and talented painter in her own right.
Being constantly surrounded by both visual and theatrical art sparked her own interest in the world of art. A fascination with Drawing from a very early age - mostly scetches of fashion and interior design, led to the world of photography, and her study of the violin and piano in a musical high school alongside education in a more ‘traditional’ gymnasium.  In the little spare time that remained she "lost herself" in the town's library researching history and politics. Another life-long passion is languages. In highschool she actively participated in debating societies; and was a voluntary member of NGO Latvian Youth council; writing articles to a local newspaper in Jelgava. She Graduated university with a bachelor degree in logistics of business and transportation in Riga.  She spent some teenage years working as a promoter in Latvia, then as a transfer&translator in Spain and then back in Latvia as an import manager. After graduating university, she moved to Milan, Italy and worked as a fashion model parallely working on art and developing her style. After leaving her parent's house, surrounded by paintings and creation, she has started her own art and this passion has pursued her in all countries she would go. The First painting recognisable as ‘her style’ appeared in 2009, created in her early weeks in Milan. Afterwards she experimented with different styles nevertheless in 2012 returning back to her signature style. She goes on painting in a manner that is describable as abstract pointillism lately arriving to minimal.  Preferring media acrylic, golden and silver leaves as well as pigment, she has created works also on porcelain and ceramic. Her life has given her opportunity to include different and unconnected spheres of works and interests: history, art, languages, business, fashion and at the heart of it all is the observation of people, their behaviour and nature and interactions between them. Her Research is based on transcendental questions and metaphysics and this is what drives both her and her work.