Laura Grinberga was born in Latvia, 3rd generation artist to a mother professional painter, and a grandmother painter and sculptor. Her childhood followed her mom everywhere. She breathed art and was very good at it from an early age yet as a young adult she decided to study completely different things, Logistics of Business and Transportation, and move abroad right after graduation to explore and compare different nations, cultures, traditions, and how they vary. She would work in different countries, fields, and professions. The ability to challenge and immerse herself in a completely new sector, to quickly learn and adapt, and to read people is extraordinary and is crucial in her art. It was rather a necessity of having all this experience across professions and countries and it has facilitated her research immensely and influenced her worldview. It was in Milan, Italy 2009 that she started her visual artist’s journey that would incorporate social-cultural anthropology: language, traditions, behavior, differences, and patterns between all these.

Between 2009 and 2021 developing body of work as a second job

 From 2022 full time visual artist. Based and working in London.