Laura Grinberga uses painting media to describe such a complex topic as life. Life that can be explained and depicted as interconnectedness, continuity, energy in so many and various ways depending on time and space, experience, age, gender, evolution, etc. Life that can be seen from a personal “point” of perspective within the world or macro level, looking at the point from external and larger view and thus the course of things, reasons and probable outcomes as a scheme that eventually can be analyzed, deciphered and anticipated. In most of her works she creates a dimensional dotted relief structure with tiny edges to emphasise the complexity of the matrix, then applying dripped colours. As a contemporary artist she believes that the issue of today is absence of awareness of being One. That can be improved by education as the key for anything. “We are all like the dots on canvas and each one of us is unique and individual, but all of us create the complete scene no matter how each one has developed, shaped, located or exposed. If we work in a progressive way therefore win win form, the total “artwork” appears to be harmonious, transmitting positive energy, on the contrary if there is lack, hate, anxiety, discrimination and so on, the artwork exposes/transmits exactly what it contains.” She uses her art practice as a tool to view and reflect ongoing events from an individual to the whole and, the evolution of humanity to view actuality and the direction.  The World as an entire structure - people, flora, fauna and ecosystem in larger scale dependant on each other without bringing harm to any of the parts.

Visual art is her way to draw attention on awareness and humanity.



2009 - 2015

A profound journey of understanding life, consciousness, and transcendence through the sense of world order. The quest for meaning, life’s origin, emphasising individual perception variations. The narrative draws an analogy between life and a puzzle, where each person, represented as a dot, contributes to the larger picture through diverse movements, colours, and interactions, reflecting the complex interplay of energy and environment. Like a painting comprising smaller units, life is an evolving entity ready to merge into something more significant.


2015 - 2019

The journey towards self-discovery, shedding layers of external influences, beliefs, and traumas inherited from family, education and societal norms. The encouragement of the realisation and release of burdensome dogmas and emotions.The process symbolises a return to one’s true self, fostering transparency. Embracing authenticity leads to a contagious energy of truth and growth. This research celebrates awakening, advocating for continuous commitment to genuine self-expression and alignment.



The series portrays every woman as a goddess, featuring 7 artworks representing the archetypes of primary Greek goddesses based on MD Jean Shinoda Bolen’s categorisation, each embodying a mix of positive and negative traits. These works transcend mere physicality, delving into layers of psychology and philosophy to encourage personal growth, highlighting the predominance of light over darkness. Ultimately, every viewer is a co-creator in their own journey of self discovery and empowerment. The artist, for the first time, uses her own silhouette without facial features to universally represent womanhood. *The series have never been published yet and are not available to view.

Letters to my younger self

2023 -

“Letters to my younger self” is inspired by life lessons and observations. A simple phrase or a revelation combined with a meditative scenery from Mother Nature.