This is the most personal project I have ever done. It is not only personal because I use my own appearance and highlights of my career as a fashion model but because I am finally publicly releasing this side of me. Daily I have been reminded to hide me being a model. I had to suddenly exclude a part of my daily life and lessons of mine in favour of art, while fashion has played a crucial role in my artists career.

This project strongly tackles mental health. The obstacles I had while getting myself into the field of fashion, many “No’s”, many bullies and personal comments from the side of employers, yet I created this project out of the wins going through these obstacles. I believe this project is so relatable to anybody who is just going after what they really want and where they want to get. Nothing comes easy, and sometimes it takes years and even decades to get what you want and where you want but finally once you have made yourself as an equal in the game(of you think so), it is about being aware and alert who’s around you, who’s on your side, who you can trust and, to learn how to protect your mental health. This is a marathon and you got to take care of your self in a long run and being honest to yourself and authentic.



Is a collection of 12 original NFT artworks created in November 2021 that put together re-create the original painting  from 2019.

Each one of 12 units is original by itself and none is the same as the movement of dots is different.

A puzzle is a fun game but the verb signifies to solve with difficulty or ingenuity. The fil-rouge in my works is the topic of life through the connectivity and connection, the pattern, the uniqueness and similarity. All of that is depicted in an abstract way. Just like the life itself, yet I want to show that there is a way to decipher life and make the most out of it when the puzzle is solved.


Because the number twelve carries magical, religious and mythological symbolism generally representing perfection, entirety, or cosmic order in traditions since antiquity, I have created 12 digital works into NFT out of the physical chef d’ouvre.

Puzzle is a genesis project, it is ongoing project that will evolve into generations, sort of children, grandchildren, relatives, distant relatives -the world itself.  By zooming in and then zoomin out and connecting the dots and pieces of the puzzle.

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